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Boni's Site for Students (and Friends)

This site was originally set up to give beginning students a 'quick start' on the internet. It is designed to provide helpful information and make browsing cool places easier for first time users. I know that it is hard for most of my current students to even imagine a time before the World Wide Web, but there are still people who can use a little help getting started. Even if you don't need any help, you can still check out the 'Cool Links' to find some pretty nifty, neato places to visit (and, yes, all this 'stuff' is my personal tribute to George Carlin).

In the other areas there are tips, tutorials, and downloads that I first added for the benefit of or at the request of students, but that even non-students may find helpful. Check back often, new stuff is added whenever I get the chance. 

This should be the most important click for everyone on the web:
NetM@nners (Netiquette guide)

Also available:
Lots of stuff about Philip Scot Johnson's video:
500 Years of Women in Western Art

How world wide is the WWW?  Check this out!